Chain Link Fence making machine, watch out

This machine is to produce chain link fence mesh using either galvanized wire or pvc coated wire materials.
It can produce both standard and compacted rolls by the adjustment in the coiling speed
this machine hi-speed and very accuracy length cutting and very heavy duty machine essy to operate this machine have a total count cut off system and total machine controlled by PLC and touch screen HMI , this machine, ready stock to dispatch any time and free demo available ple contact -09688512121

More detail, welcome to contact with us:
Mobile: +91-9688512121 (WhatsApp, Wechat)
semi Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine Specifications as following:
Model : IYALIA -W/F/S , single wires
Wire Dia.: 1.2mm – 4.0mm
Mesh Size : 25mm – 100mm
Wire Type: Low carbon steel, GI, PVC Coated wire,staninless steel
Mesh Width : Max 3000mm
Speed (in minutes) : 60mm*60mm , 80 – 110 Sq.m/hr.
Electrical Power : 5 HP.
Total Weight : 1200 kg
Overall Dimension : Main Frame 4700*1400*1800mm,
Electrical Systems:
1). PLC is Siemens, made in india
2). Frequency converter is made in finland .
3). Low-voltage apparatus is Schneider, made in india
4). Motor is motovero , made in germeny
5). Clutch & Brake is made in india

More detail, welcome to contact with us:
Mobile: 0091-9688512121 (WhatsApp, Wechat)


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